Chei is a level 47 boss who currently inhabits the single area Bandit's House. She is here with his partner Reain at House Right side of Southern Bandit Encampment.

Chei is Reain's bodyguard who is a master of Taijutsu. Her jutsus perfectly match with Reain's skills because she uses specific skills that stun the opponent. Which allows Reain to calmly eliminate uninvited guest.

Respawns every 8 minutes.


  • She deals Physical damage which knocks enemies back
  • She uses Breaking Kick Jutsu
  • She uses a ground shattering technique stunning enemies in 10 tile wide range


Drop name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Tonfas - <1% Weapon
Black Bandit pants and


- <1% Cloth
Bandit Shirt - <1% Cloth
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