Controls are the foundation of the entire game and make just about everything come together, they are keybinding macros which allow you to do various things with your character and other elements of the GUI. Keybindings can be changed to the user needs in the Client, by clicking settings, along with the resolution of the client/game.

Navigation Controls

In order to navigate through the game there are a set of various controls to walk, run ,and even interact with things that are around you. 



In order to walk, you must use the Arrow Keys or the traditional WASD format. Alternatively you may also use your mouse to control your character. This comes in handy when you can't take idling in the Academy Classroom for much longer.


You can speed up your movement by holding down the SHIFT key and using any of the prior controls, this method of expedited movement is especially useful in all forms of situations. In some zones you will also run naturally.



To face directions you can use the HOME, INSERT, END and PAGE DOWN keys for now. Be sure to do this when you're not facing properly to speak to an NPC, it is sometimes more convenient than using the other movement keys.

Additional Controls

Additionally there are more controls;

Hide F1 key can be used to hide the GUI, previously this action was tied to the H key.

Edit Controls

There is an option to edit your controls to your own liking if the current one doesn't feel comfortable. You simply select your 'Launcher' and go onto 'settings' at the bottom-right corner of the launcher and it will open the settings page.


Settings Screen

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