Takumi Village's most notible entity is the Daimyo that rules over the village. The daimyo is protected by his two loyal guard dogs Guren, and Gafuki. Talking to these chaps is meaningless because the one would like to beat you up, and the other one quite literally tells you to "Fuck off."

Inside of the Daimyo Building

Inside Daimyo Building

Inside you see the Daimyo protected by Guren and Gafuki. Interacting with the Daimyo will allow missing ninja to undertake missions, and learn about their village's history.

History of Takumi and Daimyo


The daimyo is a frail old man who is one of the richest NPC's in the game, if not the richest. He hires Missing Ninja to do his dirty work and to protect the people of his village. Interacting with him allows you to learn about the history of Takumi Village. Upon asking the Daimyo who he is and where you are, he begins to tell you that you are in Takumi Village. He claims that it is the "largest village in the land" and that it is built along the great Takumi River, hence it's name.

Daimyo Interaction 1
When you interact with the Daimyo again, you are able to ask him "Why am I here?" If you are a missing ninja, he will tell you that you are a missing ninja with out a village, either by exile or by choice. He then tells you about how he doesn't care how you became one. After that he says "You are here because we are bystanders in a dangerous war, and desperate times calls for us to outsource our village's protection to the likes of you." Although he is pretty harsh with his words, he really does appreciate your assistance and cooperation.
Daimyo Interaction 2

Guren and Gafuki


Nothing much can be said about Guren and Gafuki.First Gafuki is an NPC with nothing special to him aside from his blatant insults,but the second one is boss type mob that will fight with you at Third Floor. But Guren on the other hand has some use to him. There is an NPC Guren who hangs out downstairs with the Daimyo, but on the third floor of the building, he is a mob that will violently beat you to a pulp if you come at second floor. Don't fret though, there is a mission that gives a very good amount of experience if you and your friends dare to battle the might warrior. Solo'ing Guren at later levels give you decent ryo and experience as well.

Second Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Third Floor
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