This section if for Frequently asked Questions that you may need answered. 

Questions Answers
Where do I download this game? You can check here for current testing phases and mirrors to download from.
How do I choose a clan? You can't. As the game progresses we may see some clans, but that isn't certain.
How do I choose my mastery? You gain your first mastery at level 10, your second/last one at level 50.
Is this game RP or PvP This game isn't specifically developed into an RP or PvP game. The game is a mixture of both. The combat is PvP, but you will see RPE in the game.
RPE??? RPE stands for Role-playing event. Events such as chuunin exams where you are required to stay in character and roleplay are RPE.

Storyline Missions?

You gain higher experience from completing Storyline Missions as opposed to completing Side Missions.
How do ranks work? First you start out as an Academy Student, then you will have to finish some tutorials and storyline missions to become Genin. You will then have to participate in the bi-monthly chuunin exam and pass to aquire the chuunin rank. 
How will organizations work? All organizations are ran by players. Some organizations will be official which means they will be in game. Non-Official organizations won't have any direct link into the game. 
What type of computer do I need to run ninonline? Ninonline currently only works with Window users, but soon will work on any platform(linux,mac,browser,etc)
What is the games current stage? Open Beta

If you still have some questions you can visit the main page  and ask one of the administrators or veterans.