Forum Badges are an important part of the Nin Online Community, they distinguish players who have contributed both monetarily, supportively or even towards development. There are several different types of forum badges and of course there are even temporary ones used in certain times of need. This section contains the entirety of all the forum badges, and captions of what they are for. Worth keeping in mind that Silver Ninja and Gold Ninja got the same benefits in the actual game.


Silver Ninja Badge is given to players who have done something or contributed a service that has positively impacted the Nin Online Community


Gold Ninja Badge is given to players who fiscally invest into the Nin Online Community ($20)


Media Badge is given to all members of the Nin Online Media Team.


Moderator Badge is given to all Nin Online Moderators.


Game Master Badge is given to all Nin Online Game Masters


Game Artist Badge is given to most Nin Online Artists


Developer Badge is rewarded to members of a unique team of individuals who show promise in all forms of game-development.


Administrator Badge is earned by any of the previously listed member groups and is considered to be the highest honour and biggest responsibility. They are in-charge of the game, the forum and all the bells and whistles associated.

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