Fumma Wind Shuriken Technique is a Level 8 ninjutsu technique that creates a giant folded Wind Shuriken created by the Fuuma clan. Once the technique has finished charging for 2 seconds the Wind Shuriken is then propelled in the direction the user is facing. If the Wind Shuriken hits and enemy they will be stunned for 1 Second. But even if the target is hit or not the user will always be immobilised for 2 seconds after use.

This technique is purchasable in exchange for a Sealable Scroll I in any Scroll Shop.

Also it should be noted that although the name suggests the technique requires a Mastery in Wind, no Mastery is require to learn the jutsu.

Technique Advancement

Level 1: 14 base damage, 17 CP. 16 Seconds Cooldown

Level 2: 16 base damage, 16 CP, 15 Seconds Cooldown

Level 3: 18 base damage, 16 CP. 14 Seconds Cooldown

Fuuma shuriken level 1
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