Graphical user interface (GUI, sometimes pronounced 'gooey') is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators such as secondary notation, as opposed to text-based interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation.

In Nin-Online GUI is used to vastly increase the experience of authenticity one feels when experiencing the game, it allows us to play the game with ease as opposed to the stock GUI of the engine that Nin-Online is built upon.

Ninja Menu

This is the Character Menu from Nin Online, it possesses many pieces that are not only important but also define the very meaning of your character.

  • Name is your Forum Display Name
  • Village is the Village that your chose while creating a character or what village you are currently aligned to
  • Level is basically the amount of effort you put into the game and the experience you gained through missions and grinding.
  • Rank is your position among those in the village ( IE: Academy Student, Genin, Chuunin, Specialized Jounin,
    Jounin, Anbu, Kage)
  • Bounty shows your actual bounty
  • Clan shows the name of the clan you belong to
  • Organization displays the organization you are currently in
  • Title is a reward earned from doing such things like, quests or side missions
  • Strength increases your Base Gentle Fist Damage, increases your Base Weapon Damage, and also increases your weapon jutsu damage!
  • Agility increases your Base Taijutsu Attack Speed and Taijutsu Attack Damage slightly. It also reduces cast times for all jutsus and increase the effectivity of Taijutsu techniques.
  • Intellect increases your Ninjutsu and Genjutsu effectivity. These kinds of jutsus will deal more damage or stun enemies longer depending on its type of utility.
  • Chakra increases your Chakra Capacity (Maximum Chakra Points). Chakra points are used to cast ninjutsu in combat. Having a high amount of chakra also allows you to detect hidden enemies.
  • Fortitude increases your Maximum Health Points. The more fortitude you have the longer you can stand in battle. It is a necessity to be able to endure more hits as a ninja. unless you intend to always fight at a distance.

Inventory Menu

New Inventory-40

New Inventory

This is the Inventory Menu from Nin Online, it was specifically designed by the game's developers to help you

better understand and navigate through your items without fear of losing them. There are two things that you must know about your inventory, and that is;

  1. There are 40 inventory slots, you can expand it by buying special items at the cash shop.
  2. The Ryo Icon on the bottom also functions as a 'Drop Ryo' command

The Inventory Menu does not really hold a very large amount of use outside of housing the majority of your items and Ryo, this may change in the future but for now, it is a very basic functioning inventory.

Jutsu Menu

New Jutsu page - 15

New jutsu page

This is the Jutsu Menu from Nin Online, it holds little to no function aside from housing the jutsu objects and their descriptions and allowing you to drag and drop them to the Hotbar located to the down in the middle of your screen.

(You unlock jutsu slots by leveling up!)

Bounty table


The picture of bounty table in game

This is Bounty Table from Nin Online, it shows you who has a bounty and how big bounty is. You can open it by pressing the 'b' button or by clicking at the bounty book next to your Hotbar.

- if you click the picture to have a better look at it, you will see bounties, number of kills, etc.

Mission Menu


Mission Menu in game

This is Mission Menu from Nin Online, it shows you missions you have active.

You can do only 3 mission / day - missions from kage house

Leaf Mission Room

Leaf Mission Room

  • Koda: Gives you Role Play missions (RP Missions), allowing you to find a team and a ranked ninja as a host to enroll on any mission task they set you on.
  • Tengu: Provides you your three daily missions.
  • Daiki: Currently Unavailable.
Sand Mission Room

Sand Mission Room

  • Basho: Gives you Role Play missions (RP Missions), allowing you to find a team and a ranked ninja as a host to enroll on any mission task they set you on.
  • Midori: Provides you your three daily missions
  • Kibaki: Currently Unavailable.
Mist Mission Room

Mist Mission Room

  • RP Missions: Gives you Role Play missions (RP Missions), allowing you to find a team and a ranked ninja as a host to enroll on any mission task they set you on.
  • Missions: Provides you your three daily missions
  • Other NPC: Currently Unavailable.

Customization Menu

This is the Style Menu from Nin Online, it allows you to customize your character to your liking. You are to choose whether you want your character to be Male or Female. There are varieties of hairstyles, eye styles, and skin colors to choose from. You also can choose 1/3 starting shirts and 1/3 starting pants You are also able to select up to three villages to your liking from the Naruto Anime: Leaf, Sand & Mist.  

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