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The Kazekage Building which is located in the center of The Sand Village serves as the pillar of the Sand Village. It is a large, round, sandy colored building with several rows of windows and the kanji for "wind" (kaze) painted on the side of the building in a circle. It has five entrances, with each door leading to a different sector of The Sand Village. It houses many rooms of importance for The Sand Village which include The Sand Administration Office, The Sand Mission Desk, and the most important The Kazekage's Office.

The Sand Administration Office

Sand Administration Office

The first floor of the Kazekage Building holds the Sand Administration Office. It's in this room that any member of the Sand Village can claim their rank or reset their character. To use either of these features you must first speak to the Account Manager and he will go ahead and help you.

Be Warned: Once you accept to have your account reset, you will lose all items on your character(except Cash Shop Items), and you will lose all your levels and reset back to Level 1 to create your character over.

The Sand Mission Desk


The Second Floor of the Kazekage Building is the Sand Mission Desk where Sand Ninja can come to claim their daily missions. To receive your daily missions you must speak to Midori who is in the middle, if you speak to Basho at the end he will give you RP Missions.

This room also serves as the Sand Library, it holds many important documents which the Leaf Village would love to get there hands on. It is for that reason, you may find some Sand Villagers guarding the Library to prevent any documents from being taken.

The Kazekage's Office


The Third and most important floor of the Kazekage Building, The Kazekage's Office. This is where the Kazekage conducts his administrative duties. It contains their office which also serves as the meeting chamber of the Sand Village Council. For these reasons the office is considered sacred and violence is therefore prohibited.