Koji Aggressive Mob which we can met next to Ledge Forest at Chilly Canyon. He defends pass to Cold Cave. He is really dangerous because of his Physical Damage which deal tons it. Also he is really tanky because of this he is hard to kill for low level ninjas.

Koji is known for the fact that you can fall in on him imperceptibly and, unfortunately, pay it with own life through a series of his blows.

It has been noted that it is a Agressive-Type monster, meaning that if you enter their range that they will simply attack you.

This bandit is currently disabled and you cannot find him in game.


  • He deal 212 Physical Damage
  • He use Body Flicker Jutsu
  • He use Bear Trap Jutsu


Name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Documents II Not tradeable 10% Quest
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