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The Land of Iron is a Frigid, snow-covered Country. In contrast with other Nations whose militaries consist of Shinobi, the land of iron's military solely consists of Samurai. In recent times the Samurai has become a corrupt force that oppresses the very citizens of their homeland. The Rebels (a group opposed to the Samurai's way of leadership) are continuously fighting to end their tyranny. You can visit the Land of Iron By speaking to the Summoning Toad in your Village after obtaining Level 50 and speaking to Guard Mika at the mission desk in your Village.


Rebel Camp Storyline

Iron City Story



Upon speaking to Chief Uzan (the rebel leader), he says to accept his task that you must help the rebels within the encampment. You then begin The Rebel Camp Storyline, a series of missions given to you by each rebel to test your capabilities. After gaining the rebel's trust, Chief Uzan then tasks you with infiltrating the Iron Tower found within Iron City. After entering the tower, you must then fight through the Elite forces of the Iron City HQ (Elite Samurai & Elite Horned Samurai) to ascend to the top of the tower, where you must defeat Admiral Mitsuhide, The Leader of the now corrupt Samurai Faction.