Land of Toad is the ancient village inhabited by Toads, It's location is unknown, we only know that's somewhere in the mountains.Toads from this land can be summoned by Summoning jutsu.

From begin of their life Toads learn how to use nature energy.

One of their most known medicine is toad oil.

To unlock Land of Toads you first need to do this quest chain:

Land Of Toads-Mission

There are few missions that you need to do to gain trust of Great Toad Sage beceause life is harsh,disappointing and unfair.

Go fuck yourself

That's why you first need to do 3 mission chains:

Toad Ninja Arts

After completion of 3 chain missions you can go talk to Great Toad Sage again.

He will be pleased beceause you have done his job.

Sage saw in you potential as a tool,so he wants you to solve another problem.

You need to head out to teacher Taitomo,you can find him near the dojo.


After talk you need to go on east side of mountain and train your balance.

Training toad grounds

After training is done you will have this notification and you can go back to Taitomo.

Training complete

Second Part of this mission is fight with your soul south of Village.


After you have defeated soul you can come back to Taitomo for reward.

The Final Confrontation

Last mission will start after you talk with Great Toad Sage after completition of previous missions.

Beceause you are only tool he sends you to dangerous fight with his rebellious son Kiritomo.

You need to go to the highest mountain,that's where Kiritomo resides.

Bad boi frog

Injured Kirimoto will hide somewhere in the village.


No one knows where it is.

After completing all the missions you get "The Chosen One" title.