Larvae are a Level 1 Mob which currently inhabit the multiple areas, most notably Sand Nesting Ground west of the sand village entrance, and Larva Road south-west of the Leaf Village Gates. They were first introduced to the game on September 30th 2014 as part of the patch that was dubbed v1.0.8. Larvae do not possess any form of special ability or status effects attributed to their physical attacks.

They deal 3 Physical Damage.

It has been noted that it is a passive-type monster, meaning that if you enter their range that they will simply ignore you.

Upon defeating this Monster, you receive 12 Experience Points and a random drop from it's drop list.

Once you reach Level 10 you will no longer gain Experience when killing this mob.

Drop Name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Cocoon 1 10% Quest
Blank Scroll - <1% Scroll
Those are official drop rates
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