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Chunin Exam Registration Building is located in towards the middle section of Leaf. During the monthly Chunin events there will be gatherings of multiple Genin who wish to advance their position to Chunin. Chunin is a multi-part RPVP event which will begin with forming a team of 3 then making your way to this building to register.

During the Monthly Chunin Exam Event there will be a gathering of many Genin rank Ninja who all wish to participate in the Chunin Exams. This building is the very first stepping stone associated with participating in the Role-Player versus Player Event (RPvP Event)

How to Participate

Chunnin Registration (Inside)
Vital statistics
Type Event
Level Any
Location Leaf
Inhabitants None

Every month or so a Chunin Exam will be held to allow several Genin (if any) to advance upwards in their village's purely role-play based rank hierarchy. The form in which these exams are presented vary depending on the official who is in-charge of the current exam.

The registration fees, team size and even the very events that encompass the exam are subject to change at any point during the course of said event.