The Leaf Village is located somewhere in the Land of Fire and as the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, The Leaf Village has a Kage as its leader known as the Hokage. The Leaf Village is one of three villages available in game, the others being The Sand Village and Mist Village.


Leaf Village's structured is composed of many roads and house on the 2 sides of a river. It's protected by a wall on the south side and it's main road ends at the Hokage building in the foot of a mountain with a waterfall on the east.


Leaf Map

Map of the Leaf Village

On the northwest the Leaf Village has the Leaf Academy , a beautiful waterfall, the Muteki clan building and a path leading up the mountain to the base of the 12 Guardian Ninja. There's also the Arena, a ramen stall and the Leaf Village weapon shop. The aviary, medicine shop and the kids' playground are also located there.


Southwest section of the village does not have as much utility buildings. There you can find the Leaf's Memorial Stone, the Hospital , and the tool shop . There are also a lot of civilian buildings, including the Hayashi clan house.


In the northeast section of the village, you can find a lot more shops, like the Eyewear shop, the night market and the flower store. There's also the Inn and the graveyard in which is located the War Monument. There you can find the Leaf Military Police Force building and the Chunin Exam registration area.


In the southeast part you can find the favorite place to relax of every Leaf shinobi, the hotsprings. There's also the scroll scribe and the clothing shop.

Special Mastery

Currently, Leaf Shinobi can choose the Gentle Fist mastery as an exclusive sub-mastery to Taijutsu. Gentle Fist scales with strength, it's regarded as the strongest 1 on 1 mastery and it's feared by many. It focuses on fast and flicker-like attacks dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time and draining the opponent's chakra.

Official Organizations

  • Leaf Military Police Force
  • ANBU
  • 12 Guardian Ninja


  • 1st: Rory/Ueda
  • 2nd: Shirou/Emiya
  • 3rd: Sasayaki Deathmall
  • 4th: Sasayaki Ishyn
  • 5th: Fritzo
  • 6th: Kuraen Vali
  • 7th: Muteki Shotoho
  • 8th: Kuraen MacDom (current)
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