Night market

The Night Market and all it's shops/chefs.

The Night Market/Food Market is a marketplace located in the north-easten part of the Leaf Village and is one of the main places in Nin Online to buy food.

Although the name suggests the Night Market is only available at Night, the Market is always open and items can be purchased at any time.

Food Tokens

Token seller

The Token Seller!

Ninja can purchase Food Tokens from the Token Seller just north of the entrance. With these food tokens the player can buy different types of Sushi as well as Riceballs, Candied Apples, Plain & Flavored Dango and Takoyaki. Each Food Token cost 25 Ryo but the most expensive item Food Tokens can buy is Takoyaki that cost 2 Food Tokens (50 Ryo) each.


As well as the Token Seller there is a few more shops available.

  • Dango Chef, sells Plain Dango and Flavored Dango both costing 1 Food Token each.
  • Riceball Shop, sells Riceballs for 1 Food Token each.
  • Sushi Chef, sells 4 different kinds of Sushi, Maki Sushi, Egg Sushi, Prawn Sushi and Salmon Sushi, all costing 1 Food Token each.
  • Takoyaki Chef, sells Takoyaki, the most expensive item, but still only costing 2 Food Tokens each.
  • Candy Apple Seller, sells Candied Apples, 1 Food Token each.

Hidden Seal


Part of the Leaf Hidden Seal Mission there is a Hidden Seal located the to far east of the Market on a cliff face.

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