The Mist Village is located somewhere in the Land of Water and as the village of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, The Mist Village has a Kage as its leader known as the Mizukage.The Mist Village is one of three villages available in game, the others being The Leaf Village and Sand Village.

Mist Village map


The Mist Village is a massive village, architecture is composed of several cylindrical buildings, with the Mizukage's office being the widest and largest. Most of the buildings have vegetation growing on their roofs.


If you start your way to the Northwest of the Village center you will find Jutsu scribe, Military Police Building and Clothes shop.


Directly east of the Village center, closest to the Mizukage Building is Indoor Market, where you can buy many items.


Southwest of the Village center you will find Mist academy building and cemetery .


Southeast of the village center you will find hospital, SPA and Aviary.

Special Jutsu

Currently, the Mist village special techniques are part of the Soap Bubble Style. Bubble style is a sub-mastery of the Water Mastery and scales with strength Bubble style is known for its strategic manuvers. With enough strength Bubble users can equip different types of pipe. There is currently only 1 pipe in the game.

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