Nelinel are Level 44 Mob which currently inhabit the single area Bandit Chief’s Yard . She is here with her partner Kariyuse at North Southern Bandit Encampment.

One of the Head of the bandit camp. She is the most dangerous Water / tai user who exist, by hitting you with her Water Bullet or Colliding Wave,she can cause deadly wounds that can kill even the most experienced ones. She is unmerciful and dangerous, beware of her young ninja.


  • She Deal 84 Physical Damage
  • She Use Water Bullet Jutsu Which Hurts Really Much Beware
  • She Use Colliding Wave Next Jutsu Which Hurts Really Much Beware
  • She Use Mointain Crash Jutsu Which Do No Damage But Stun You For 3 Sec
  • She Use Body Flicker Jutsu


Drop name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Red Scarf - >1% Cloth
Double Bandages - >1% Cloth
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