Gorou 1

Gorou's Shop!

Taku Tool Shop

A Ninja Tool Shop is a store that sells Ninja Tool's to any shinobi. These stores are normally decorated with a weapon of some sort in front to show that they are selling Ninja Tools.

There is currently three Ninja Tool Shops available, each in their own village.

Shop Locations

Gorou's Ninja Tool Shop (Leaf Village)

Located North-West of the Leaf Village's main gate and is on the path that leads to the administrator building(mid-north).

Tomonis Shop

Tomoni's Shop!

Tomoni's Ninja Tool Shop (Sand Village)

Located outside Pal's Weapon Shop, east of the Administration Office in the middle of the village.

Kaito's Ninja Tool Shop (Takumi Village)

Located North-west of the village gates near the entrance.

Shop's Inventory

All three shops contain these Ninja Tools.

Weapons Buy Sell
Shuriken 2 1
Senbon 2 1
Kunai 2 1
Explosive Tag 2 1
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