An even more ancient and powerful monster than the Blood Puppet with ominous red glow surrounding it's body. At level 53 it's currently the highest level enemy. Created by the old puppeteers of Old Komori village using forbiden blood techniques. They posses a special ability called Metal Chain Technique which does high damage and causes the bleeding effect upon hit. It can also used body flicker on it's targets.

Attacks (moves) they are using:

  • Basic Attacks - 245 physical damage
  • Metal Chain Technique

It's noted that it's an agressive-type which means it will flicker and attack you if you get too close.


Drops Name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Blood Engine - ~1% Crafting material
Puppet Pieces: String 10 10% Crafting material
Puppet Pieces: Limb 10 10% Crafting material
Puppet Pieces: Head 10 10% Crafting material
Blank Scroll - <1% Scroll
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