Reain are Level 45 Mob which currently inhabit the single area Bandit's House. She is here with her partner Chei at House Right side of Southern Bandit Encampment.

Reain monster looking harmless. But under the sweet shell is a real killing machine. She can not be underestimate. Her Jutsus are more powerful than those used by sand jonins. She practiced in suffering and poverty, achieving a mastery in her profession which was killing. She joined the bandits to be able to do it all the time. Beware young ninja.


  • She Deals 250 Physical Damage Also She Knock Back From IT And Stun
  • She Use Body Flicker Jutsu
  • She Use Wind Barrage Which Is Unpredictable Because Once Its Hits Front Of Her Once Behind Beware Its Does Tons Of Damage
  • She Use Slashing Tornado Which Is Her Most Powerfull Jutsu Sometimes She Destroying Enemy Only With This One Jutsu Beware


Drop name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Oriental Fan - <1% Weapon
Gloves Knuckle - <1% Cloth
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