Religious Katana

The Religious Katana is famous for its high attack-speed. It was initially found by Indra. This katana was once used by a religious group whom instead of used this sword for its damage rate, it used it for its light welding and fast attack.


This katana can be equipped by any player with 70 strength statistics or more. But only those who have learned the Weapon Mastery and are in the strength path of this can use swords for kenjutsu. This weapon and the kenjutsu that can be used with the Religious Katana can be learned by anyone from any village or no village at all. The Religious Katana gives a base damage of 26. But scales with the strength statistics of the equipper.


The Religious Katana can be dropped from Cursed Host mobs, in the cursed host cave. Although this is a rarer drop under other drops from these mobs.

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