Ce reg out

Building outside

Chunin Exam Registration building in Sand is located South-east from Kazekage Building.

Young genins who wish to advance their position to Chunin are entering this building when Chunin Exams are hosted.

Chunin Exams is multi part RPvP Event hosted by Admins/GMs. You can participate as team of 3 with paying 15k ryo as team for entrance. Ninja rank Chunin+ can lead a team of Genins (he won't participate) - so team does not need to pay for entry.

  • Chunin Exam have 3 parts
    • Tests
    • Some special request/event (changes every exam)
    • 1v1 fights

It's really important to Role-play during exams

Ce reg

Chunin Exam building inside


When chunin exams are hosted and you will be able to enter building, you will see scroll opened, ready for register your team in Chunin exams.

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