The Sand Village is located somewhere in the Land of Wind and as the village of one of the Five
Kazekage Office Building
Great Shinobi Countries, The Sand Village has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage.

The Sand Village is one of three villages available in game, the others being The Leaf Village and Mist Village.


The Sand Village is a massive village with up to 8 different paths to go along, in the center of all of these we have the Kazekage Building which serves as the pillar of the Sand Village. It is there for everyone to see.


If you start your way to the Northwest of the Village you will find The Puppeteer's Den, The Sand Graveyard, The Sand Village Hospital and The Sand Village Academy.


Directly West of the Village, closest to the Kazekage Building is The Sand Village Clothing Shop.


Southwest of the Village you will find the Sand Militia building, The Sand Village Scroll Shop and The Sand Aviary.

Special Jutsu

Currently, the Sand village special techniques are part of the Fan Style. Fan style is a sub-mastery of the Wind Mastery and scales with strength Fan style is known for its stuns. With enough strength Fan users can equip different types of fans. There are currently 5 different fans in the game.


  • SMPF
  • ANBU

Kazekage Lineage

Over the Months, we have had many different kage here is a list of them all!

  • Argo
  • Konahri
  • ReubenNick
  • Miki
  • Kaguya Light
  • TetsuHawk
  • Tresmorne Toitsu
  • Dyan
  • Slaughter
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