The Sand Village Academy is located in the upper North West side of the Sand Village slightly above the Sand Village Hospital. Here is where the future of the Sand Village comes to learn and train how to be a Ninja. Sand Villagers who learn here are called Academy Students and are not officially Ninja of the Sand Village.

The Academy Hall


Once you enter the Sand Village Academy, you will be in the Academy Hall which leads to the classrooms that the Academy Students must take to proceed into their rankings. The four classes they must take teach them about the various things that occur in the Nin Online world, ranging from combat training, learning to use weapon and jutsu and teaches them the basics of Masteries, Statistics and about Zones.

The Academy Infrimary


Once you are knocked out from the Scorpion in the Combat training course, you will be brought to the infirmary. It's not as nice as the Sand Hospital, but it's only meant to let students rest here while they recover from that crushing defeat.

The Academy Yard


In the far back of the Academy we have the Yard. This is actually the starting location that new Sand Villagers will start at. After you finish your exam, you will come speak to Saita to be given your Forehead Protector and advance to the rank of Genin. If you ever decide you would like a different color or design, just bring your old Forehead Protector back and you can exchange it for a new one.

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