The Sand Village Hospital is a large spherical building located in the North West side of the Sand Village that bears the kanji for "doctor". The building houses two floors, a waiting room and the operation room. The waiting room can be used to perform check ups and examine patients of non-emergent cases.The second floor is a large operation room which serves to allow medical-nin to perform surgery on the critically injured, this is where all Sand Villagers arrive to mend their battle injuries after they have fallen in battle.The medical-nin also have access to a Green House which contains a number of medical herbs that would normally not be capable of growing in the hot, desert climate.

The Waiting Room


1st Floor

The First Floor to the Sand Village Hospital is the waiting room. Here is where patients can be seated and wait to be seen by a Medical-Nin, in most cases they will be seen here if the case is non-emergent. Sand Villagers can also wait here if they are worried for and injured Villager who is on the second floor being treated for more severe wounds.

Medic Players are also able to buy certain items here, if they have the Mystical Palm Technique.

Clothing Ryo
Sand Medical Shirt 1000
Sand Surgical Mask 900
Sand Surgical Hat 900
Sand Surgical Apron 1400

2nd Floor

The Operation Room

The Second Floor to the Sand Village Hospital holds the Operation Room, it is here where all Sand Villagers arrive to mend their battle injuries after they have fallen in battle. There are some couches available for overnight guests but most are only allowed to stay in the Waiting Room. Medical-Nin keep this place very sanitary and will often hire Genin to do a mission to sanitize the room.

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