The Sand Village Scroll Shop is located in the Southwest part of the Sand Village. It is a relatively normal looking building with a scroll banner on the outside to notify customers that the shop is there. This is like the other scroll shops except at this location you can purchase the Hidden Fan Style that is only taught to Sand Ninja.

Tanaka's Inventory

Sand Scroll Shop Inside

Inside of the Scroll Shop you will find Tanaka, the Scroll Shop attendant. If you speak to him he will provide you with a list of options, depending on the type of scroll you have and the type of business you want to do will decide which choice you will want to choose, these will either be to Enchant Blank Scrolls into Sealable Scrolls or to Seal Techniques into Sealable Scrolls.

If you choose to Seal Techniques into the Scrolls your options will be.

Technique Name Element Tier
Phoenix Fireball Technique Fire I
Big Flame Bullet Technique Fire I
Water Bullet Technique Water I
Water Slash Technique Water I
Earth Pillar Technique Earth I
Earth Prison Technique Earth I
Lightning Senbon Technique Lightning I
Lightning Spear Technique Lightning I
Wind Shuriken Technique Wind I
Beastly Wave Technique Wind I
Poison Senbon Technique Medical I
Treat Wounds Technique Medical I
Poison Scalpel Technique Medical I
Seismic Dash Technique Taijutsu I
Breaking Kick Technique Taijutsu I
Explosive Kunai Technique Weapon I
Triple Explosive Tag Technique Weapon I
Shockwave Slash Technique Weapon I
Risky Blade Dance Technique Weapon I
Body Flicker Technique Basic I
Substitution Technique Basic I
Cloak of Invisibility Basic I
Clone Technique Basic I
Fuuma Wind Shuriken Technique Basic I
Technique Name Element Tier
Fire Wall Technique Fire II
Colliding Wave Technique Water II
Water Substitution Technique Water II
Drilling Air Bullet Technique Wind II
Hurricane Blade Technique Wind II
Lightning Cutter Technique Lightning II
Feast of Lightning Technique Lightning II
Earth Split Technique Earth II
Ravaging Earth Spikes Technique Earth II
Mystical Palm Technique Medical II
Antibodies Activation Medical II
Chakra Scalpel Technique Medical II
Poison Cloud Technique Medical II
Hidden Explosive Tag Technique Weapon II
Shadow Shuriken Technique Weapon II
Blade Piercing Technique Weapon II
Wild Slashes Technique Weapon II
Youthful Spring Technique Taijutsu II
Speed Mirage Technique Taijutsu II
Technique Name Element Tier
Great Fireball Technique Fire III
Dragon Fire Technique Fire III
Water Prison Technique Water III
Great Water Shark Technique Water III
Mud River Technique Earth III
Dance of the Crescent Moon Technique Weapon III
Bear Trap Technique Weapon III
Exploding Spiked Ball Technique Weapon III
Lightning Current Technique Lightning III
Binding Pillars Technique Lightning III
Vacuum Sphere Technique Wind III
Morning Peacock Technique Taijutsu III
Whirlwind Kick Technique Taijutsu III
Cell Regeneration Activation Medical III
Cursed Seal Activation Medical III