Scorpions are Level 5 Mob which currently inhabit a few maps around the Sand Village on the game Nin Online most notably Sand Hive Grounds. This Monster was first introduced on August 1st 2013 as one of the first Monster NPC's in the game. They don't possess any form of special abilities or status effects attributed to their physical attacks.

  • Attacks (moves) they are using:
    • Basic Attacks - 10 damage per hit.

It has been noted that it is a passive-type monster, meaning that if you enter their range they will simply ignore you.

Upon defeating this Monster, you receive 37 Experience Points and a random drop chance from it's Drop List.

Drop List

Drop Name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Scorpion Tail 2 10% Quest
Blank Scroll - <1% Scroll
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