Seji No Hani

Seji No Hani also known as Double Fans or Twin Fans, is a fan that can be used in the strength path of wind mastery, also known as fan mastery.


Seji No Hani can be used in the strength path of wind mastery to perform jutsus, which are also known as fan techniques, but they can only be used by sand villagers. Besides that, it can be used as a normal weapon by every non-sand player, giving a base damage of 18, and a knockback, that stuns shortly. Has an attack speed of 2.4s. All users need 40 strength to equip Seji No Hani. The base damage will scale with the strength statistics the equipper has.


The Seji No Hani can be found in the Big Scarabs lair, by killing Big Scarabs. Seji No Hani is one of the potentials, but rarer drops that you can receive by killing Big Scarabs. To enter this cave you must first complete the Sand Seals Mission.


The Seji No Hani looks like 2 separate smaller fans, one red and one blue. They can be locked together to form a larger fan.


A player equipped with Seji No Hani

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