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This technique lets you call upon mystical creature that will fight by your side.

Your familiar will grow stronger after every battle.

It's currently obtainable in Leaf, Mist, Takumi and Sand scroll shops for 10 blanks with 10% success rate.

Summoned Creatures have 3 forms:

Levels 1-3: Young

Levels 4-6: Teen

Level 7: Adult

Summoning Contract

Summon Contract

Types of Summons

Current Leaf Village Summons

  • Toad
  • Slug

Toad & Slug Contract

Current Mist Village Summons

  • Clam
  • Panda

Clam & Panda Contract

Current Sand Village Summons

  • Weasel
  • Hawk

Hawk Contract (Located at Sand Aviary)

Weasel Contract

Current Non-Exclusive Summons

  • Ninken
  • Monkey
  • Snake

Monkey & Ninken Contract

Snake Contract (Located in Cursed Laboratory)

Summon Abilities


Youngling: 6 damage per hit

Teen: 19 damage per hit and Minor slug heals (Heals 8~14)

Adult: 35 damage per hit and Greater slug heals (Heals 8~18)