Taijutsu (2)

Taijutsu Mastery. One of the 8 available Masteries you can choose from.

Taijutsu Mastery allows the ninja to master hand-to-hand combat and learn Taijutsu techniques, taking physical limitations to a new level.

Taijutsu Mastery is a close combat fighting mastery. It has plenty of advantages like being able to put pressure on your targets and not giving them much space to cast their techniques. It also comes with a an extra Substitution and can even use a buff to boost their attack and gain another substitution. There are two paths to this mastery as well, the Agility based Tai and the Strength based Gentle Fist. It has the same style as Agility Tai except it's techniques can also cancel other masteries techniques if caught during their cast times.

For PvE Taijutsu levels up pretty quickly during the beginning levels, easily able to kill mobs with a few punches, however it does get hard once you start to face mobs that have higher HP values. As for Gentle Fist it's pretty easy to cancel that drawback since it has a ranged three tile technique.

For PvP both styles are top tier for 1v1 since they can put pressure on their enemies. As for group fights Tai can lack a little by not being able to hit multiple targets where as Gentle Fist does have more utility and multitarget hitting techniques.


Agility Taijutsu

Gentle Fist

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