Takeshi are Level 41 Mob which currently inhabit the single area.Southern Bandit Encampment with his partner Tause at North of Icy Pathway.

Takeshi monster which supporting Tause in killing uninvited guests in the bandit camp on the Southern Bandit Encampment. He uses his skills like Fuma or Flicker for this purpose, after Flicker or Fuma he strikes with so much power that the opponent is pushed away from him.

It has been noted that it is a Agressive-Type monster, meaning that if you enter their range that they will simply attack you.


  • He deal 128 Physical Damage with Push Back
  • He use Body Flicker Jutsu
  • He use Fuma Shuriken Jutsu
  • He got Faster Atack Speed


Drop name Worth in Ryo Drop Chance Type
Blood Vial - >1% Quest
Raging Bandit Pants ~80,000 <1% Cloth
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