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Takumi Village has a building in the north east side that has 1 room.The Room has the NPCs Guchi and Gutari in it.

On the outside wall there is a orange poster, when interacted with, allows you to accept the mission to defeat Guren in the Daimyo Building.

Inside of the Event Prize Room

Event Prize House Inside.png

Like mentioned before there are 2 NPCs that you can interact with.

You can purchase special event items from them.

Currency used to buy those items are event coupons that are given to players participating in events organized by GMs

Special Event Items

Guchi and Gutari allows players to spend event coupons in order to buy rare or uncommon items.

Prices and Shops

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Item Price
Stylish Sword 50 Event Coupons
Sashed Kimonos 20 Event Coupons Each
Hooded/Unhooded Robes 10 Event Coupons Each
Scroll Of Daily Missions Reset 5 Event Coupons
Scroll Of Stat Reset 10 Event Coupons
World Blessing 5 Event Coupons
Giant Back Shuriken 20 Event Coupons
Hermit Forehead Protector 10 Event Coupons
Jira Vests 75 Event Coupons Each
Make Out Tactics 50 Event Coupons