Twin Leaf Clothing Shop is a Clothing Shop in the Leaf Village, located North-

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East of the Leaf Village's main gate. It is managed by the Twin Sisters, Rachi and Sachi. Also you can find Gumi the owner of the cash shop.

Shops Inventory

Rachi's and Sachi's Inventory:


Leaf clothing 1, Sachi's


Leaf Clothing 2, Raichi's

Leaf Clothing 1 Ryo Leaf Clothing 2 Ryo
Sleeved Shirts 100 Long Shirt 200
Shirts 100 Black Gloves 100
Netted Shirt 200 Jackets 200
Sleeveless Shirts 100 Shorts 100
Pants 100 Turtle neck Shirt 300
Baggy Pants 200 Jackets 5000
Shoes 50 Long Coats 35000

Gumi's Shop

Possible things in shop after buying
Hyu Shirt Eye Scope
Uzu Shirt Uzu Pants
Uzu Boots Face Mask
Spiral Mask Oto Robe
Red War Armor Izaku Robe
Blue War Armor Akiro Robe
Yondaime Cloak Teal Fox Hoodie
Visors Boxer Coat
Face Paints Sasu Robe
Uzushi Jacket Uzushi Pants
Black Sand Kimono Summoning Robe
Wanderers Scarf Dojo Shirt
Dojo Pants Yellow Flash Shirt
White Summon Mask
Other things
Hairs Rainbow Hair Dye
Sexy no jutsu Skin Color Dye
Blessing Stat Reset Scroll

If you buy things from Cash Shop while you in game, you will need to restart game, then items appear in Gumi's shop. If items from Cash shop are dropped or destroyed, they went back to your Gumi's shop (except White Ceramic Armor and Black Sand Kimono - they are tradable).

note: Your Gumi's invetory is everywhere same

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