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Water Mastery. One of the 8 available Masteries you can choose from.

Water Elemental Mastery allows the ninja to learn Water techniques. Water is a very balanced nature and as such can be useful in many situations.

Water is overall a really nicely balance mastery. It has many advantages to it while not really having any drawbacks to it. It has instant cast techniques, good damage, piercing, AoE, a snare and a substitution as well. These things make it one of the best masteries to choose to start with.

For PvE this is a fantastic grinding mastery. Since it gets piercings pretty early on it makes grinding on mobs pretty easy. It also gets AoE to hit any mobs that move off too the side.

For PvP it's really top tier, since you have instant cast techniques it can make hitting targets easier. Coupled with a snare it makes this mastery deadly. What really completes the circle is also having access to an extra substitution. While it's good in 1v1 it's also really good in group fights as well since the piercings can hit multiple targets.

Water Mastery also offers a 2nd path in the form of Soap Bubble Style. Techniques of this path require a Bubble-Utilizing Pipe to use. Although lacking in offensive capability it makes up for this with the snaring attribute of its techniques which provide excellent support in group encounters. The Bubble Clone Technique also somewhat helps to compensate for the lack of offense with it's high damage melee.


Intellect Water Techniques:

Soap Bubble Style: