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Weapon Mastery is one of the 8 available Masteries you can choose from.

Weapon Mastery gives the ninja strong control over tools and blades, making them able to use equipment like shurikens, kunais, explosive tags and swords, in extraordinary ways.

Weapon Mastery is essentially two masteries since it does have a two paths to choose from. You can either use Intellect for tools or Strength for Swords. An Intellect weapon master is a ninja tools based mastery, where you focus on utilizing two types of tools, long ranged and traps making it a support mastery if you lay your traps correctly. A drawback is this path requires a lot of tools and costs a lot of ryo. As for the Strength weapon master you will be using a sword and would be a close range not much variety to the techniques, it's pretty hack and slash. You do get some utility as a gap closer and and AoE as well.

For PvE they're both pretty slow. Grinding with Intellect path would be really costly and pretty hard to afford during the grind. As for the Sword it's not as costly but the techniques don't really make them great for grinding either.

For PvP the intellect path requires more a set up to fight 1v1 but in groups it becomes really effective especially when given time to prepare explosions and traps in a narrow space or on the next map. For Swords it's pretty subpar in 1v1 and group fights.