Yasuo's Scroll Shop is a Ninja Supply shop in the Leaf Village, located North-East of the Leaf Village's main gate and is on the path that leads to the administrator building(mid-north). You can identify it by the very distinctive sign above the door shown in the image to the right.

Yasuo, Blank Scrolls and Sealable Scrolls

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After many battles with the many mobs inhabiting Nin Online's world you will find yourself accumulating items known as Blank Scrolls. These scrolls are acquired by defeating any of the mobs in the world, the higher the level the mob the higher the chance that the mob has to drop these scrolls. It's been confirmed that the scrolls have drop chance of 1% on larva and 2% on all the other mobs (We aren't sure exactly in drop rate).

If you bring these Blank Scrolls to Yasuo, the attendant at the Scroll Shop, he will present you with the option to Enchant these scrolls and turn them into a tier of Sealable Scrolls.

Currently there are three tiers of Sealable Scrolls and each tier corresponds to a certain level range of jutsu. There is a success rate attributed to each tier of Sealable Scrolls as well, if you happen to fail to enchant a blank scroll then the scroll is lost.

Sealable Scroll I Level 1 - 19 50% Success
Sealable Scroll II Level 20 - 29 30% Success
Sealable Scroll III Level 30 - 39 10% Success

Once a Sealable Scroll of any tier is acquired, you can then seal any technique within the corresponding level range into the scroll if it is within the capabilities of Yasuo. (See Below) - Links to all jutsus will be added later

Technique Name Element Tier
Phoenix Fireball Technique Fire I
Big Flame Bullet Technique Fire I
Water Bullet Technique Water I
Water Slash Technique Water I
Earth Pillar Technique Earth I
Earth Prison Technique Earth I
Lightning Senbon Technique Lightning I
Lightning Spear Technique Lightning I
Wind Shuriken Technique Wind I
Beastly Wave Technique Wind I
Poison Senbon Technique Medical I
Treat Wounds Technique Medical I
Poison Scalpel Technique Medical I
Seismic Dash Technique Taijutsu I
Breaking Kick Technique Taijutsu I
Explosive Kunai Technique Weapon I
Triple Explosive Tag Technique Weapon I
Shockwave Slash Technique Weapon I
Risky Blade Dance Technique Weapon I
Body Flicker Technique n/a I
Substitution Technique n/a I
Cloak of Invisibility n/a I
Clone Technique n/a I
Fuuma Wind Shuriken Technique n/a I
Technique Name Element Tier
Fire Wall Technique Fire II
Colliding Wave Technique Water II
Water Substitution Technique Water II
Drilling Air Bullet Technique Wind II
Hurricane Blade Technique Wind II
Lightning Cutter Technique Lightning II
Feast of Lightning Technique Lightning II
Earth Split Technique Earth II
Ravaging Earth Spikes Technique Earth II
Mystical Palm Technique Medical II
Antibodies Activation Medical II
Chakra Scalpel Technique Medical II
Poison Cloud Technique Medical II
Hidden Explosive Tag Technique Weapon II
Shadow Shuriken Technique Weapon II
Blade Piercing Technique Weapon II
Wild Slashes Technique Weapon II
Youthful Spring Technique Taijutsu II
Speed Mirage Technique Taijutsu II
Technique Name Element Tier
Great Fireball Technique Fire III
Dragon Fire Technique Fire III
Water Prison Technique Water III
Great Water Shark Technique Water III
Mud River Technique Earth III
Dance of the Cresent Moon Technique Weapon III
Bear Trap Technique Weapon III
Giant Exploding Spikeball Technique Weapon III
Lightning Current Technique Lightning III
Binding Pillars Technique Lightning III
Vacuum Sphere Technique Wind III
Morning Peacock Technique Taijutsu III
Whirlwind Kick Technique Taijutsu III
Cell Regeneration Activation Medical III
Cursed Seal Activation Medical III
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